Two self-published books by Beatriz Ledesma on the topic of mandalas.

  • Mandalas: A Personal and Visual Journey into Mandala Journaling (2013)
  • From the Center (2014)


Mandalas discloses and documents a personal and experiential process I went through at the time when I was trying to adjust to living in a new country. The book highlights the importance of symbols as a way to communicate our own deep hidden messages, insights that can emerge from our unconscious mind in visual images. I specifically address the impact that mandala-making had on my life during a painful and confusing transitional time and how it can create for you, the reader, a similarly enlightening and transformative effect.

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From the Center is a special collection of 24 of my mandala drawings. It can be used as a workbook to engage the reader into creative and meditative energy by using the mandala drawings a a focal point.

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