Not Quite There Yet

In the “civilized madness” of war, hate, decadent religion, chaos and destruction we seem to be living in, and motivated by what I observe and hear in the consulting room from my patients, I began to ponder on the internal experience of safety amidst an external chaotic world. I began to pose certain questions that seem to be universally asked. What does it mean to be safe? How do we construct a safe inner space? How do we feel internally safe where everything we have taken for granted seems to be threatened?

"Not Quite There Yet" is my contribution to the interaction between outer and inner worlds. It explores our attempts to find a safe space amidst a world of chaos and destruction.

The canvas is divided into two sections in order to represent the inner and outer worlds. The outer section is an ethereal demonstration of chaos - rough strokes and poignant dark needles allude to our wounded outer world. The inner window is clear, representing a self-reflecting, intuitive and spiritual space where awareness and imagination dare to transcend our greedy, ego-based mentality to destroy our wonderful planet. The work leaves the viewer wondering which perspective they would take and proposes a spiritual perspective as a path to establish balance and awareness in our dear planet.